COVID-19 Prevention

Dear Parents,

Ark Christian Academy implemented new procedures and protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus.  The following is a brief summary.  Please request a copy of more detailed procedures and protocols of Ark Christian Academy’s COVID-19 prevention from the office or you can download from the following link

1.        All staff and students will fill in a pre-open health screening statement
2.       All staff will be trained prior to work. 
3.       Daily health screening will be performed before staff and students entering the facility.  Anyone with a fever over 100 F or COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter the facility.
4.       Social/physical distancing of 6 feet is required in the facility between adults.
5.       Class size will be reduced to under 12 children per classroom to facilitate physical distancing. 
6.       The children’s nap room is separate from the activity room.  Each child will have a dedicated cot.  Rooms will be sanitized using UVC light daily.
7.       Face covering (masks or face shields) is required for all staff during work time.
8.       Children must bring face covering (face mask or shield) with them & are required to wear face-covering while inside or when social distance couldn’t be maintained.
9.       Outside playtime will be stagger to prevent the mixing of groups.
10.   Implement strict facility sanitizing cleaning procedures, including frequent surface sanitizing and before/after school cleaning.
11.   Use portable partitions to separate the children during snack and lunchtime.
12.   More frequent hand washing is implemented.  Hand sanitizer is provided in the classroom and keep out of children’s reach. 
13.   COVID-19 facility special operation hour: M-F  8:00 am – 5:30 pm 
14.   Special requests during COVID-19 pandemic:

                                                               i.      Parents need to sign a liability waiver & health screening statement

                                                             ii.      Children need to bring face covering with them